Earning Our No. 1 Ranking

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As community members and as Muskegon Community College alumni, students and employees, we are all rightfully proud of the progress that MCC has made over the years. Since our last Reflections, even more has transpired to support the exceptional accomplishments of our institution.

Best Colleges (http://www.bestcolleges.com/features/best-colleges-in-michigan/) has ranked Muskegon Community College as the best community college in the State of Michigan. This ranking comes on the heels of MCC being rated by Value Colleges as the second best of the 28 Michigan community colleges in 2016 and among the top two percent of the 1,711 community colleges nationally.

While there are a number of organizations in the ratings field, the above ratings are particularly gratifying as MCC is now seen for what we at the College knew it was – an outstanding value for our students and community.  Moreover, these organizations use U.S. Department of Education data as a baseline in their college evaluations.  These are not “beauty contests,” rather they use data and information from longstanding and respected resources.

As you may know, it is not just these organizations that see MCC as a higher education leader:

  • Achieving the Dream lists MCC as a leader college, one of roughly 100 nationally accorded that status.
  • MCC sends students to present their research nationally via the Center for Community College Undergraduate Research, a selective research opportunity for community college students funded by the National Science Foundation
  • MCC’s West Michigan Concert Winds were selected to perform at Chicago Symphony Hall (2015) and Carnegie Hall (2016)
  • MCC’s Collegiates vocal ensemble were selected to perform at Carnegie Hall this June.
  • Muskegon Community College students represented West Michigan industry with flying colors when their product took first place at the 78th Annual Wisconsin Regional Foundry Conference and Exposition casting competition last week in Milwaukee. The lone community college competing, the MCC team defeated a field that featured entries from seven four-year colleges and universities: Michigan Tech, Western Michigan University, University of Northern Iowa, Pittsburg State University (Kansas), University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, University of Wisconsin-Platteville, and Mohawk College from Canada.

Many more of MCC’s extraordinary programs bear mentioning. Including our highly competitive Nursing Program, world record setting Automotive Program, and our nationally competitive Athletic Squads to name a few.  I am so proud of our students, faculty, and staff – there is no better college with which to be associated.  Thank you all for helping MCC achieve new heights. .

I will share more information during the upcoming months.  Enjoy the rest of May and Go Jayhawks!

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