MCC Construction Projects Not Downtown ;-)

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With all the well deserved attention on construction activities downtown (very exciting), it seems a good time to share information regarding improvements on campus. You may know that the Barnes and Noble bookstore on campus is doubling in size. Thanks much to Barnes and Noble for funding the upgrades and working with the College to expand offerings to students, faculty, staff and the community.  Creative Dining is consolidating and expanding its services in the Student Union (pictures to come).  Both spaces will be ready by the opening of school this fall (August 21st).  I have also included several images of the  nearly completed Science Center.  If you haven’t walked through recently, you are in for a pleasant surprise. It will be ready this fall along with a major renovation of existing science and health space (Respiratory Therapy, Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Astronomy, Math and more)  in the main building.

Bookstore Renovation: View from existing bookstore toward the former Bistro

Barnes & Noble

Science Center: View from ravine

Science Center Outside

Science Center Laboratory

Science Center Lab

Science Center: View of Undergraduate Research Lab

Science Center Central Corridor

Please visit for more information on all construction projects and how they will support our students and community.

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