Short Circuit!

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On Friday September 26th, my wife Connie and I had the pleasure of watching Muskegon Community College Automotive Program Coordinator Al Thomas, Instructor Jeff Montella, and several MCC students race MCC’s electric dragster, Short Circuit.  The dragster, which established the 48-volt DR/II world record in 2012 has since moved to the DR/G and DR/C classes, where it established multiple world records.

The vehicle is a product of MCC’s Automotive Program, meaning students designed, built and raced Short Circuit, under the advice and counsel of Mr. Thomas and colleagues.  Here’s a video of MCC student Rebecca (Becky) Stroh at the wheel (please give the video a minute to load):

The time trial was held at the US 131 Motorsports Park in Martin, MI between Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo.  It is notable that besides holding multiple world records, Short Circuit routinely beats the times of many of the “top fuel” and gasoline powered dragsters against which it is timed. This is one of the many reasons that Muskegon Community College is an exciting and rewarding place to learn, teach, and work.  Thanks Al and students!

PS, click on this link to visit MCC’s Motorsports Club facebook page and learn more about Short Circuit, White Lightning, and other renewable and sustainable energy programs at MCC.



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