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In 1976 as an undergraduate student at Michigan State University, I drafted a paper on the topic of solar photovoltaics – now known as solar energy production.  Back then, we all dreamed that every home in the U.S. would or could be powered by a renewable energy source, such as geothermal, solar, or wind.  We are not quite there yet, but because of your efforts and a visionary action by the Muskegon Community College Board of Trustees, we are a little bit closer to that goal.

On May 21, the Board modified the College’s governance structure to add a Joint Sustainability Council to the existing council system.  By combining the Land Use and Sustainability Committees into a fifth permanent council, the Board provided substance to the Colleges longstanding support of MCC as a sustainable institution.

This action was not taken in a vacuum.  The recommendation to create the Joint Sustainability Council was made to the Board by the Business Affairs Council and the Coordinating Council through my office.  The Land Use and Sustainability Committees have long provided sound advice and direction to the institution on construction, renovation, environmental, and land use issues on campus.  Over the years, MCC employees including Kasey Hartz, Theresa Van Veelen, and Darlene DeHudy have championed the protection of our campus environment.  Because of their efforts and those of many, many others, MCC is moving forward with assuring that our campus supports social, environmental, and financial dimensions – the “Triple Bottom Line.”

Such visionary actions by the Board and supported by our employees and students position the College to construct and renovate our space up to and above LEED best in class building standards. This doesn’t happen by accident and doesn’t happen by luck. It happens because of real and sustained efforts by our greater MCC community.

Thank you all and please continue to enjoy what is becoming a beautiful spring – more updates to come.

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