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Muskegon Community College is seeking voter approval on November 5, 2013, for a $23.7 million bond issue that will provide needed funding to renovate the campus science lab facilities, health/recreation center, arts space, as well as establish a satellite facility in downtown Muskegon.  Since opening in 1967 with 2,000-plus students, the campus now annually serves nearly 5,000 credit students and thousands more through its training and community education programs.

While the on-campus renovation projects represent an immediate need, it is important to note that all of the proposed initiatives will be completed in a “phased” fashion as the bonds are sold and necessary funding becomes available. Moreover, the College is seeking funding to assist in the construction and renovation. To this end, the Governor recently signed legislation authorizing the College to move ahead with planning for its $9.2 million Science Center.  In November, the College will submit to the State a request that the state fulfill its match of $4.6 million – half of the projects’ cost.

Recognizing that a strong downtown Muskegon is key to a stronger Muskegon County, the MCC Board of Trustees has made a commitment to locate a College program/initiative in downtown Muskegon.  While plans at this juncture are not “etched in stone,” there are three program areas currently under discussion: Creative Arts, Applied Technology (manufacturing, design, engineering, talent development), and Entrepreneurism. The notion is to develop a downtown center that will be as self-contained as possible, although transportation will certainly be part of the planning.  In all likelihood, MCC’s downtown presence will involve partnering with an existing organization to best leverage resources.

You can be assured that the Muskegon Community College Board of Trustees, as elected officials with strong ties to all facets of our community, will make a decision regarding the downtown program that is based upon considerable input from the community and one  that will best serve the College’s and the community’s long-term needs.

By the Numbers

Board Priorities                                                     Cost

Priority One: Science Center                                   $9.2 million

Priority Two: Health and Recreation Center               $6.18 million

Priority Three: Creative and Performing Arts Space    $5.9 million

Downtown Center                                                    $7.2 million

Monthly Cost of Proposal to Homeowner of a
Home Valued at $100,000:                                      $1.58

Annual Cost of Proposal to Homeowner of a
Home Valued at $100,000:                                      $18.96

MCC Growth 1967-2013

1967 Approximate Enrollment:                                 2,000 students

2013 Approximate Enrollment:                                 4,880 students

Percent Growth Since 1967:                                   144 percent

Percent Space Growth Since 1967:                          42 percent

Master Plan Priorities: The Future of MCC

Read more about the specifics of the MCC Master Plan, the proposed facilities and their impact on the quality of education and meeting community needs.

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