Welcome Back Students – MCC Summer Highlights

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Hello Colleagues, Students, and Community:

For returning colleagues and students, Welcome Back! For new colleagues and students, welcome to a wonderful institution of higher education! I am very much looking forward to the launch of another successful academic year and will share my thoughts on the past summer and upcoming activities this fall semester.

The Big News: On July 3, Gov. Snyder signed House Bill 4112, legislation authorizing Muskegon Community College to develop planning documents for a 25,000-square-foot science laboratory and the renovation of 20,000 square feet of existing science facilities. The cost of the project – $9,293,670 – will be divided evenly between MCC and the state, each responsible for $4,646,835. The MCC Board of Trustees has authorized the College to continue the planning phase.

Since the completion of the College’s Facility Master Plan in 2010, improving science facilities has been the top priority identified by the MCC Board. The master plan calls for a science/technology building addition with six new laboratories and six new classrooms, serving a combined 18 academic programs. Additionally, existing biology, chemistry, physics and technology space will be upgraded.

Earlier this month, the MCC Board approved a November 5 ballot proposal seeking additions to the science wing and health education facility, a new creative arts facility, and a college facility located downtown. The $24 million ballot question would fund the bulk of the 2010 Facility Master Plan, providing updated and expanded space for our students and greater community.

What else has happened this summer?

  • MCC hosted the MCCA Student Success Summer Math Summit last month. Over 45 college faculty, administrators and staff from around the state attended the one day session to discuss math issues, share success ideas, and develop strategies. Early College of North Ottawa County and Early College of Newaygo County are off to a good start in their inaugural year. Thirty students are currently signed up in each program for the fall semester. The students will mainly be taking MCC classes at the NC RESA offices in Fremont, the Grand Haven Community Center location, and at the new location in Coopersville.
  • In a Grand Haven Tribune survey of over 400 seniors from area high schools, 89 reported they will enroll at Muskegon Community College, 50 will attend Michigan State University, and 46 will head to Grand Valley State University. MCC is by far the college of choice in this important community.
  • In its second year, Early College of Muskegon County is off to an incredible start as well. Eighty new students will be starting in the fall, and every one of the original group of 48 students is returning to the program. This brings the new ECMC enrollment to 128 students for fall.
  • The Carr Fles Planetarium experienced its third highest attendance (6244) since records have been kept (1975). Thanks to Instructor Jon Truax for keeping the renovation of, the planetarium at top of mind and the MCC Board of Trustees for having the vision to fund this important campus treasure.
  • The Office of Information Technology is rolling out a mobile application allowing students, faculty, and staff access to key information, which will be launched at the beginning of the Fall semester.
  • Readers of the popular Parade magazine voted the 2013 Commencement addresses by MCC’s David Langlois and Sgt. Robert Bowyer among the Top 10 best collegiate student graduation speeches in the nation! Thanks to Foundation and Strategic Planning Director Tina Dee for making the nomination.
  • MCC Nursing Program students, both RN and PN, passed the NCLEX exams with rates well above the national averages. In fact, 100 percent of PN students routinely pass the exam! This demonstrates the excellence of the nursing faculty and staff and the diligence of our students.

Again, thank you all for being a part of what I believe is the best community college in the State of Michigan. Please stop by Room 400 Main Building or call (231) 777-0303 to share your thoughts.

Dale Nesbary

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