MCC Mission Statement Revised

Posted by on 01.19.17 in College Experience, Community, Students, Thank You, Vision

“The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do.” So said U.S. President Thomas Jefferson.

In this tradition, the Muskegon Community College Board of Trustees and the MCC Strategic Planning Committee recently reviewed our mission statement, which had grown to nearly a page in length. I am pleased to report that this past Wednesday, the Board adopted the following mission statement:

Muskegon Community College, dedicated to equity and excellence, prepares students, builds communities, and improves lives

Please note that the change was not taken lightly. The Strategic Planning Committee spent several months developing options for the Board, while the Board considered the options for two months prior to settling on the one above.

I wish you the best for the semester and many thanks to everyone contributing to the process.

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